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DePINed is a podcast focused on the ecosystem of decentralized physical networks hosted by Tom Trowbridge.

About DePINed

DePINed is a podcast focused on the ecosystem of decentralized physical networks. DePIN protocols and networks crowdsource infrastructure such as wifi hot spots, computer servers and even cars and, using crypto incentives, create cohesive, global networks from thousands of different providers.

Maximizing underused infrastructure is an exciting trend, and software has finally reached sufficient maturity to allow the creation of reliable networks from the aggregation of unrelated parties. This podcast explores all of the use cases launching in this sector, as well as the key players in financing, and explains this growing sector which will reshape a broad array of industries.

The Host

Tom Trowbridge

Tom Trowbridge is an accomplished business builder and web3 focused entrepreneur, and the Co-Founder & CEO of Fluence Labs which is building the Cloudless internet; a decentralized serverless computing network and protocol that offers low cost, resilient and verifiable compute. Before Fluence, Tom helped found Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) where he was president from inception.  He is a board member at Stronghold Digital Mining (NASDAQ: SDIG), and an early investor in leading DePIN projects and funds.

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